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Protecting you and your employees.

Simply About People Services

Whether you are dealing with a disruptive employee, underperformance, or getting to grips with the rules and regulations regarding maternity leave; you can protect both your business and your employees by putting in place comprehensive policies and procedures that detail every aspect of what is expected of the people that work in your business.

What can we offer you?

For start-up businesses or businesses without HR resource, a review of your existing documentation and bespoke HR policies and supporting documentation to suit your business needs

From recruitment to termination we can provide a full range of HR policies to suit your needs.

HR Practical Guides

Our good practice guides go beyond the letter of the law to provide clear, simply written guidance on good HR practice and people management.

They do not assume any previous knowledge of the law or principles of HR management and they are written in plain English, avoiding legal jargon and technical language.

These also contain full practical examples and top tips giving your business the perfect tools to manage employees in accordance with the law and good practice.

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